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We help companies build stronger relationships with their clients and prospects, saving them time and energy to focus on their own expertise!

Our gift box collections are loaded with flavors that are native to Michigan's fruit belt, such as:

  • Cherry Honey Mustard
  • Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry and Cherry Preserves
  • Cherry Salsa and BBQ Sauce  
  • (All are made-in-Michigan!)

But our gifts really capture the flavor of Michigan in more than one way – because you are sending not only the gift of great tasting gourmet food, but with Michigan Gourmet Travels, you're also sharing stories on the label of each jar about Michigan points of interest. Places like:

  • the Mackinac Bridge
  • the Soo Locks
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes
  • and even stories from your town, like St. Joseph's North Pier Lighthouse

No other gourmet company offers such a distinctive feature which will make your gift truly memorable! You have the choice of either 3 or 6 jars in a colorful gift box, or there's a premium version with additional Michigan snacks included.

Another option to consider is our private labeling. For an extra fee, we design the jar's labels with YOUR logo for a customized gift. We can even write a story about your company to also put on the label. Then your info is in front of your clients each time they twist open a jar!

E-mail me a .jpg image of your logo, and I'd love to create a sample label on a jar of preserves for you to see, with no obligation to buy. Would you prefer blueberry, cherry, peach or strawberry? Send it to MichiganBoxes@gmail.com 

We are “narrating Michigan's past legacies and savoring its present!”

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